Sunday, April 5, 2009


Passion is what drives an ordinary man to dream and accomplish extraordinary things. I dream of having a positive influence on young African-American women, my message; to dream big, my motto; you’ve got to see it, before you see it, or you never will see it! I want to change the current mind state of the African-American woman. I no longer want women to get a degree and go work for a corporation and never move up in the rankings. I want the day of an African-American woman graduating and earning just enough to get by to be over. My passion is empowering women to do more and dream bigger!

            The Live Life Posh blog is an outlet that will speak to every facet of the African-American female life. Many blogs and websites are available to young women, but none act as an interactive guide toward happiness and success. I want my readers to be NORMAL contributors to my blog, because I believe that through conversation and networking we are able to build upon ideas and assist one another in making future opportunities possible. The Live Life Posh blog will use this mentality to cater to young black women and provide them with the tools necessary to make their wildest dreams a reality.

            The content of this blog will be that of an upbeat and energetic nature, one that when readers are finished reading a post they immediately run to their computers to look up present opportunities or to finish that project they have been putting off for years. Live Life Posh is a movement toward excellence in the female community. It is a change from the normal fashion or gossip based blogs that don’t speak to the character, integrity, or strength of a woman. I want my audience to be aware of current events, and programs that will broaden their horizons or increase their awareness on relevant issues. I want my readers to feel like Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston when they proclaimed, “I’m every woman, it’s ALL in ME!” These positive, energetic vibes are what set people apart from their peers. Everyone is in pursuit of or has earned a bachelor’s degree. Everyone has had an internship and experienced the joys of being the vibrant 20 something. However, everyone has not had the privilege of being able to say I own my own company, or I lived out one of my biggest dreams, or I was fearless enough to try something new.

            It is time. Time for African-American women to go back to their roots. To reach down into our soul and channel the Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Mary McLeod Bethune that is in us all. Go back to the day where the word 'no' wasn't a deterrent and our adversities made us stronger. The African-American woman is a visionary, an innovator, a symbol of strength, and when crossed, a force to be reckoned with…or is she? We certainly once were… What are you dreams, goals, and plans? Do you even have any? Regardless of your answer to those questions…let the movement begin…the movement for African-American women to go back to being the ambitious dreamers and legends we once were! The movement for us to have overly ambitious dreams and see them come to fruition because of the hard work we put forth. It is time for us all to LIVE LIFE POSH! LET THE MOVEMENT BEGIN…

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